Information stored on a computer system or sent electronically over a network is the 是创造它的个人的财产. 对该信息的审查没有 authorization from the owner is a violation of the owner’s rights to control his or 她自己的财产. 但是,系统管理员可以访问用户的文件 when it is necessary to maintain or prevent damage to systems or to ensure compliance 遵守大学其他规定.

Computer systems and networks provide mechanisms for the protection of 私人 信息 从考试. 这些机制必然是不完善的,任何规避的企图 them in order to gain unauthorized access to 私人 信息 (including both stored computer files and messages transmitted over network) will be treated as a violation 并可对违规者采取纪律处分.

In general, 信息 that the owner would reasonably regard as 私人 must be 被其他用户视为私有. 例子包括电子邮件的内容 boxes, the 私人 file storage areas of individual users, and 信息 stored 在其他不公开的地方. 没有采取措施来保护这些 信息不允许他人查阅.

On shared and networked computer systems certain 信息 about users 和ir 活动对其他人是可见的. 用户请注意,某些会计和目录 信息 (for example, user names and electronic mail addresses), certain records of file names and executed commands, and 信息 stored in public areas, are not 私人. Nonetheless, such unsecured 信息 about other users must not be manipulated in ways that they might reasonably find intrusive; for example, eavesdropping by computer and systematic monitoring of the behavior of others are likely to be considered invasions 隐私的问题,这是纪律处分的原因.


TCU does not systematically collect or record names, postal or e-mail addresses, phone numbers, gender identity, or other personally identifying data (the “Personal Data”) from visitors 进入本网站, unless such data is voluntarily submitted by visitors for 目的概述如下.


TCU will keep your data for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purpose for 它被收集起来. 我们也可能保留您的记录以实现合法利益 或者如果法律要求这样做.


No transmission of data over the internet can be guaranteed to be completely secure. TCU provides access to 信息 in order to further its mission while maintaining 该信息的隐私性和准确性. 的 资讯保安政策 outlines the rights and responsibilities of the individual as well as those of TCU 用于修饰或说明信息的存取、存储和传递.


的 University's website does not automatically capture or store personal data from visitors to the site, other than to log your IP address and session 信息. 会话 信息 includes the time and duration of your visit to the site, the files requested, 使用的浏览器. 只有获得授权的人员才能访问此信息 大学或其代理人. 这些资料将由大学保留 and will only be used for the purpose of (a) managing the TCU web network, (b) the 识别断开的链接,以及(c)用于统计和审计目的.


TCU使用“饼干”(例如.e.,它是一个小文本文件,从 (网站),以改善您对本网站的回访和访问. TCU可以使用 饼干 to customize content, to analyze Site activity and user behavior, including, without limitation, through 谷歌分析 Demographics and Interest Reporting, and for advertising and promotional purposes (further discussed in "Interest-based Advertising" 下图). TCU reserves the right to use 饼干 in the future in conjunction with new 或者扩展功能.

TCU may compile and provide aggregate statistics about Site visitors, customers, sales, traffic patterns, and related 信息 to third parties, but such 信息 will 不指明个人资料. TCU收集IP地址作为聚合的一个组成部分 信息. 如有必要,这些信息可用于按顺序识别用户 遵守安全或保安问题.

You may set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie (letting you choose whether to accept it) or to disallow 饼干 altogether, without preventing your access 进入本网站.


谷歌分析 is Google’s analytics tool that helps website and app owners to understand 他们的访客如何与他们的房产互动. 它可能会使用一组cookie进行收集 信息 and report website usage statistics without personally identifying individual 谷歌的访问者. 谷歌分析使用的主要cookie是“__ga”cookie.

TCU使用 谷歌分析 data to monitor web network performance and identify user experience issues with 页面内容和代码质量.


You may occasionally be asked to provide personal 信息 to gain access to specific 服务.

Sensitive Personal Information (SPI) is defined as an individual’s name, address, 或电话号码与下列任何一项组合:

  • 社会安全号码或纳税人身份证号码
  • 信用卡或借记卡号码
  • 金融/薪资数据
  • 驾驶执照号码
  • 出生日期
  • 受HIPAA保护的医疗或健康信息
  • 生物特征标记(e.g. 指纹,视网膜,声音,心跳,握力)
  • 受FERPA保护的学生相关数据

SPI will not be disclosed except as provided by University policy and procedure or 法律披露要求. SPI将受到保护和安全按照 《 TCU SPI策略. 任何例外情况将在收集时解释.


TCU may provide certain third-party service providers, including 谷歌分析 Remarketing, with the 饼干 it has obtained in order for such service provider to inform, optimize and serve advertisements on other websites a user visits, based on 该等用户先前对本网站的访问记录. TCU指示这些服务提供商不要使用 the provided 饼干 for any purpose other than to provide the advertising 服务 TCU明确要求的.

您可以选择不让某些服务提供商使用cookie. 例如,谷歌 允许你 注册您的偏好. 谷歌分析也提供了一个 可选的附加组件 对于你的浏览器.

自我监管计划 在线行为广告数字广告联盟网络广告倡议 have websites that allow you to register your choice to opt-out of receiving interest-based 参与此类活动的某些公司的广告.


TCU与Evertrue公司合作. 监测用户与选定大学的互动情况 脸谱网页面. Evertrue向TCU报告的数据由脸谱网提供 图. 有关 脸谱网获取的数据 and made available to the 脸谱网 图 are governed by your 脸谱网 privacy settings.


For full 信息 pertaining to the alumni, donors and friends of the university, 请参阅我们的 大学捐款人/选民私隐声明.


If you are located within the European Economic Area (EEA), TCU acknowledges the rights 根据通用数据保护条例(GDPR)授予您的权利. 在某些情况下, you may also have the following rights with respect to your personal data collected 并用于EEA处理活动;

  • 有权被告知对您个人资料的处理
  • 有权查阅TCU所持有的阁下的个人资料
  • Right to ask for incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete personal data to be corrected
  • Right to erasure of your 信息 when it is no longer necessary for TCU to retain it
  • Right to restrict or object to processing of your personal 信息, including 发送可能被视为直接营销材料的通信
  • 数据可携权
  • Right to object to automated decision-making and profiling where applicable

如需更多资料,请参阅 欧洲经济区隐私声明.


For questions, comments or concerns about privacy or security of personal 信息, 您可以bc体育的信息安全官. 亚伦穆尼奥斯. 他也一直 被指定为数据保护官,负责与GDPR相关的查询.



有关本政策的任何问题,请联系: security@lohashome.net.